Have you noticed? There are salons everywhere! In some areas, there are several in one block or one strip mall. Not to mention the stylists who have salons in their homes or in non-conventional locations. The type of building doesn’t determine if a stylist is running a business or hustling, but their approach to hair care does.  So BUSINESS vs. HUSTLE – what is the difference?

 What do you think of when you hear the word “hustle”? A hustler is someone who is looking for quick cash. “Got them DVD’s”.  “Concert T-shirts, $20”. Often, they are selling their wares and you likely will not see them again.

Some stylists take this same approach to the hair care business.  “I have a bill due Friday. I need to get as many clients as possible in today and tomorrow. “

However, when establishing a business, practices are put in place with the future of the business in mind. The business owner thinks long-term and this mindset affects every business decision. How?

 Our next blog post: “Establishing a hair care BUSINESS that stands out”


 Ansylla of My Hairitage Holistic Hair Care has run a successful hair care business since October 2000. She has taught at salons and events across the US since 2003. Since 2007, she has also shared her natural hair expertise in Canada, France and the UK. Her training has empowered professionals on 3 continents to start and maintain their own hair care businesses. www.MyHairitage.com

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